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Peace through Educational Enhancement

Peace and Education Foundation (PEF) is a non-governmental organization dedicated to prevent, mitigate and transform ethnic, inter- and intra-religious conflicts in Pakistan through education and deploying the latest religious peace-building strategies. PEF promotes pluralism, tolerance and peace through education and capacity-building programs. The organization engages civil society actors, particularly religious leaders, to build their capacity and empower them to play a critical role in countering violent extremism (CVE) and preventing the spread of intolerance and violence that stems from inappropriate use of religion.

Peace Education & Islam Textbook

‘Peace Education and Islam’ textbook was introduced by Peace and Education Foundation in 2014. Introducing peace textbook program for madaris aims at making teachers and students as an integral contributor…


Mosque Imam Training Program

The Imam training program was designed according to the acute community demand, as there exist no standardized Imam development programs in Pakistan. The proposed Imam engagement initiative will utilize the grassroots…

The Imam training program was…


Sectarian Reconciliation

Sectarian strife has become a challenge for the security and stability of Pakistan. Since 2006, more than 4000 people have been killed in sectarian nature attacks in Pakistan. Thousands of people, including professors…


University Certification Program

UCP Program aims to build an academic network between the teachers of traditional Islamic schools (madaris) and main stream public sector universities for mutual learning and to establish an association between religious and mainstream modern education system.

I always hated even the very idea of coming across people following other sects and religions. I was, in fact, trained at my seminary to keep them at an arm’s length. PEF training workshops on inter-faith and sectarian harmony provided me with the tools and resources to transform my hate into a peace-builder. Now, I regularly hold events to celebrate diversity and pluralism. My transformation has been an inspiration to many faith leaders in my community.
Syed Asim Mahmood, , Jamea Nizamia Rizvia, Shaikhupura

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