University Certification Program

29-04-16 PEF 0 comment

PEF runs University Certification Program in key Pakistani universities. Through this program PEF equips madrasah teachers with modern teaching, critical thinking and peace-building skills. The most influential public-sector universities have been engaged to offer certificate courses for madrasah teachers and for mosque imams to bridge the centuries-old gap between modern education and traditional education systems.

Although there are numerous institutions for teacher training in Pakistan in general education system, there are none dedicated to providing professional development and certification for madrasah teachers in Urdu, particularly with an emphasis on empowering madrasah leaders to promote peace and coexistence in their classrooms and communities. PEF is the pioneer institution to launch University Certification Program for madrasah teachers. PEF designed this certificate program to bring modern universities with traditional madrasahs together. The exposure for madrasah teachers to the moderate and reflective university environment resulted in motivation for learning, continuous professional development and creating inclusive mindsets.

The training programs focus on equipping madrasah teachers with critical knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  1. Teacher self-awareness
  2. Research Methodology
  3. Lesson planning
  4. Learning and development.
  5. Critical and higher-order thinking skills
  6. Classroom management
  7. Conflict resolution and peace-building
  8. Human and women’s rights, awareness of gender equality, diversity, and pluralism (including strategies to promote tolerance, inter-sectarian, inter-faith, and inter-cultural coexistence).

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