Training of Imams as Community Leaders

29-04-16 PEF 0 comment

The program is designed to promote intra-faith tolerance and respecting other’s belief by engaging the Imams from different sects. PEF has made continuous efforts, extensive trust building, and resources that enabled us to achieve outstanding results from this program. The trained Imams respond to local community conflicts by imparting skills to encourage peaceful coexistence; setting up mechanisms to implement peace-building initiatives in partnership with members of their respective communities. The imam engagement initiative has explored the grass root outreach of the mosque imams to enhance peace-building by reducing intolerance and religious violence. The skill building initiative and engaging religious communities in substantive action planning to develop practical models for participants to put into practice what they have learned in the program remained significant in promoting intra-faith tolerance to curb incitement of sectarian violence.

The unprecedented collaboration and trust with religious leaders and their representative bodies resulted in the establishment of five madrasah Teacher Training Centers (TTCs) to institutionalize and sustain the madrasah enhancement process. These TTCs are training hubs for male and female madrasah teachers, graduates and Imams on modern pedagogical skills, peace-building, leadership subjects and dialogue skills.

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