Qari Muhammad Ahsan Siddiqui inspired by PEF interfaith mission and started engaging interfaith communities in Karachi

04-01-17 PEF Client 0 comment

A PEF interfaith graduate, prominent Muslim leader while sharing his views said “I didn’t even know what peace building and interfaith harmony was?  My madrasah teachings and mind set didn’t allow me to develop any relationship with Hindus, Christians and Sikhs. When I came to PEF’s first interfaith workshop, it completely changed my view and introduced me to a new vision of interfaith harmony.  Inspired by PEF, me and my fellows including Christians, Sikhs and Hindus established “Interfaith Commission for Peace and Harmony” in 2010 in Karachi. We also developed Peace-building curriculum to train people on peace building and bringing harmony within our community.” To contribute for peace building at local level, he conducted about 100 programs (workshops, seminars, peace walks, and poster competitions) and arranged exposure visits of worship places (i.e. madaris, churches and temples) and constructive peace building debates) in different areas of Sindh province. He engaged diverse communities of Karachi in these programs to promote peaceful coexistence. He also visited Kot Radha Kishan (Kasur) to meet the family of Christian couple burnt alive on November 4, 2014 along with some other PEF interfaith champions (Christian & hindu leaders). They all showed gesture of solidarity with victim’s family. He and his team have developed deep relationships with all Muslim schools of thought as well as all faith-based communities. As a result they celebrate all festivals and religious occasions like Mawlud-ul-Nabi, Christmas and Diwali with Muslim and Non-Muslim community.

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