Prominent Shia scholar spreading message of peace, education, love and brotherhood globally

04-01-17 PEF Client 0 comment

A prominent Shia leader and a Ph.D. scholar, who graduated from PEF interfaith program shared his view that “previously I use to serve only my own community or sect and I was completely unaware of the importance of inter and intra faith harmony, but when I attended PEF interfaith training workshop, it was my first interaction with the Hindu and Christian leaders. This workshop design required us to go beyond the comfort zone and to know each other beyond sect and religious lens. During this whole process we got to know each other’s religions and its values that enabled us to develop deep relationships”.

He also facilitated visit of Jamia Salafia students (representing Salafi school of though)t that is on walking distance from his own madrasah Jamia tul Kausar, Islamabad. Due to PEF workshops he made good friends in that madrasah and exchanged gifts as good-will gesture to promote the message of peace and harmony and minority rights. He recorded some interviews on media channels which include Geo TV, Hadi TV, Roz TV, Hidayat TV.  This workshop also became a platform of mingling and building interfaith relationship. He invited a Hindu leader to attend peace conference in his area. The Hindu leader delivered a memorable speech on true journey of Imam Hussain’s life which surprised the community that how Hindu community appreciate and acknowledge Imam Hussain’s exemplary life.

Our alumni expressed that “This initiative enabled me to promote humanity not to only work for specific school of thought. This inspiration compelled me to write articles that lead to promote peace, education, love and humanity and brought out many examples in the history of Islam”. Following is list of articles written and published by him different newspaper.

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