Personal Transformation through Interfaith Training Workshop

04-01-17 PEF Client 0 comment

A Muslim Salafi Imam from Karachi had negative views about minority community living in his surrounding areas. He was reluctant to even shake hands or to be around them. He participated in several interfaith training workshops conducted by Peace & Education Foundation (PEF). The workshops helped him to re-correct his view and biases and gave him concrete tools that he could deploy to champion the minority rights within his community.


Display poster in front of the Mosque to invite Non-Muslims to come and promote culture of dialogue and harmony initiated by PEF interfaith graduate Hafiz Muhammad Naeem Rashid.

After graduating from these workshops, he started an initiative of inviting non-Muslims to his mosque to have a dialogue with other faith groups. He especially placed a signboard at mosque entrance to welcome non-Muslim brothers. He delivered special Friday sermons on incidents of Badami Bagh, Lahore (attack on Christian community on March 11, 2013) and Peshawar church blast (when All Saints Church was set ablaze on September 2013), denouncing the violence against Christians. He intensified his messages of tolerance toward minority community and involved his Muslim followers in speaking against the hate crimes against minorities. He also called upon the Muslim Ulema to raise their voice on minority rights in order to bring sustainable peace in the society. He now regularly includes message of interfaith harmony and tolerance for minorities in his Friday sermons.

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