Peace Education and Islam: A Textbook for Secondary Level

29-04-16 PEF 0 comment

PEF successfully published “Peace Education and Islam” Textbook in October 2014. The textbook is designed for secondary level madrasah students in order to incorporate peace-building and conflict resolution skills in madrasah curriculum. The peace textbook is designed, developed and compiled with support of Ittihad Tanzeemat Madaris Pakistan (ITMP), Pakistan’s National Madrasah Oversight Board. ITMP leaders reviewed the final draft and endorsed it to all educational systems to integrate Peace Textbook in their curriculum, while other prominent religious leaders have written praises and forewords.

PEF has also trained over 1000 male and female madrasah teachers on the principles and teaching methodology of this textbook. The teachers are trained from all five madrasa boards. The textbook has 14 chapters and covers topics such as:

  • Diversity as principle of nature, and need of human society.
  • Ethics of disagreement.
  • Peace concepts and its different stages- peacemaking, peacekeeping and peace-building, short-term and sustainable peace.
  • Islamic principles and values of peace-building and conflict resolution.
  • Different steps, types, causes of conflict; interest-based, ideology-based, identity-based, gender-based and structural conflicts etc.
  • Behaviors during conflict: fight, flight and flow behaviors.
  • Different approaches to prevent, manage, resolve and transform conflict.
  • Different approaches to conflict resolution: lose-lose, win –lose and win-win etc.
  • Violence: physical, cultural and structural violence, and suggestions to prevent, resolve and transform different types of violence.
  • Dialogue vs. debate; principles of dialogue.
  • Human rights; Islamic principles of human rights, Islamic teachings to protect human rights, and provisions of basic rights in constitution of Pakistan.
  • Sectarianism and how to prevent, manage, resolve and transform it.
  • Intra-faith and interfaith harmony.

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