Interfaith Skills Training For Faith Leaders

29-04-16 PEF 0 comment

PEF interfaith skills training program is engages Pakistani Muslim, Christian, Hindu and Sikh leaders to reduce faith-based vulnerabilities, promote inter-religious dialogue, and prevent violence and extremism against minority communities. Through this program Interfaith Dialogue Practitioners are equipped with leadership and peace-building skills to minimize faith-based marginalization, vulnerability and other related issues that are currently of critical importance in Pakistan.

PEF Interfaith Dialogue Practitioners bring together Pakistani Muslim and non-Muslim faith leaders in order to facilitate cooperation and provide a unified platform to work with communities at grass root level for sustainable peace efforts in Pakistan. This network and cooperation significantly impact issues of concern domestically through knowledge-sharing, skills development, resource-sharing, and network-building.  Initiatives resulting from this effort include the creation of the Peace Commission in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Interfaith Commission for Peace and Harmony in Karachi.  Additionally, these initiatives have led to mutual visits to worship places; to speak jointly to their respective congregations about interfaith tolerance and cooperation, as well as media appearances to promote the vision of interfaith cooperation.

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