How PEF interfaith training shifted views and action of young salafi leader

04-01-17 PEF Client 0 comment

PEF Interfaith graduate and a young Salafi Muslim leader from Gujranwala shared that he had biased opinions about other Muslim schools of thought and minorities living in Pakistan. He used to speak against other minority groups in public speeches. After attending PEF interfaith workshop, I have completely changed my view about inter and intra-faith communities. I have realized the need to redefine my role as religious leader in community. I have given exclusive Friday sermons on “minority rights.  I visited the church first time located in my area after attending the workshop.”

PEF graduate is now actively taking part in resolving faith or sects based conflicts. His initiatives enabled all the community members to develop mutual relationships with all Muslim schools of thought as well as with the Christians. Keeping in view to promote peace and harmony in the community, he initiated and conducted peace building seminar for women in his Madrasah “Jamia Manzoor ul Islam Lilbanat” in Gujranwala on September 28, 2014. About seventy women from Muslim and Christian communities joined this seminar. It aimed to engage women in peace building activities and build their relationships with each other.

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