From Religious Extremism to Middle Ground

04-01-17 PEF Client 0 comment

An Imam from Khayber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) used to give weekly radio sermons through FM Radio Station in his area. His sermons invited followers to show blatant intolerance against the minorities and “Westernized Pakistanis” in appearance or thought. He also used to rip Muslim boy shirt’s collar and cut the bottoms of the pants as they represented the Western dress code. In addition, this Imam espoused extremely radical ideas to include radio programs and weekly sermons against the health workers administering polio vaccines as ‘American Agents’. After attending the PEF Imam Workshop in November 2012, he went back to his community and begins sermons with positive approach, which was noticed by his followers in the community. He turned down his message of intolerance completely, and now talks about understanding the ‘other’ and serving the whole community peacefully. He stopped talking against polio workers as agents of West, and now supports the cause to fight the disease. He does not oppose western clothing anymore and transformed his views about minorities.

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