Christian Leader raises voice for the victims of faith based killings

04-01-17 PEF Client 0 comment

PEF Christian alumni extensively engaged interfaith communities at gross root level through peace building tools introduced in PEF interfaith workshops. He says “PEF interfaith workshops have given me a vision to promote interfaith harmony within the community. It made me aware the power of this platform as religious leader and enabled to bridge the gaps between faith based communities”.

He recommended many other priests to attend PEF interfaith workshops which prepare them to promote message of peace at gross root level together. As a result they conducted various workshops, seminar, peace promoting festivals and poster competitions in different areas of Lahore and Kasur. Based on that, they have built strong relationships with the Muslim and Hindu communities and established diverse team representing interfaith communities.

They also respond to local community conflicts by visiting and mitigating the after effects of incidents. For instance, the incident of burning Joseph Colony and Christian couple burned alive in Kasur. In December 2014 a personal dispute occurred between two young boys from Muslim and Christian communities in Lahore, which took religious turn due to gathering of a Muslim mob. Emanuel Sardar Khokhar and Allama Tahir Asharafi along with other companions called on the other religious leaders to defuse the situation and also brought Police and visited the area where conflict was about to become violent. Swift efforts by PEF graduates resulted in defusing the argument between Christian and the Muslim communities. Similar arguments between Muslims and Christians have led to Muslim mobs destroying and burning Christian homes in previous months and years. They also jointly raised their voice for the victim of the incidents for peace, solidarity and justice in case of Rimsha Masih, targeted sectarian killings in different areas of Pakistan and Army public school incident, Peshawar.

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